Recent work

The ultimate success for me occurs when I know that a well thought design is part of a project which seeks to provide value to other people.

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Logo proposal for Strain, a dispensary who sell marijuana products in the state of California. They wanted a logo which has a retro feel, and a "S" letter in the style of what the old rock band "Black Sabbath" used on their old album covers.

Logo proposal for Strain, a dispensary who sell marijuana products in the state of California. They wanted a logo which has a retro feel, and a "S" letter in the style of what the old rock band "Black Sabbath" used on their old album covers.

The Tin Moose is a specialty grocery store that focuses in gourmet items not available anywhere else. The client wanted in his logo an artistic or abstract moose, with a simple and elegant feel. The moose is drawn with one continuous line because  I wanted to create a distinctive, abstract and simple logo.

Flying Squirrel Co. is a company which make eco friendly products like soaps, lotions and other various articles. The idea for this logo has come after a couple of full essence feedbacks from the client, and of course, after many hours of work from me.

This design is a logo proposal for AMS (Association Management Strategies Inc.). They wanted a logo that is minimal, modern, and clean, but also with a youthful and luxurious feel. Because this design was not choosen as the final logo for AMS, you have now the chance to buy it at a lower price. Dont miss the opportunity!

Logo made for Lavender sky.

They sell textile goods such as blankets, throws and so on. The logo represents a hummingbird surrounded by a stylized circle of sewing thread. Instead of designing a lavender icon I chose to design a hummingbird, because is a bird often found in fields of lavender and because in my opinion make the logo more recognizable. Also, the sewing thread is intended to make a subtle association with the working matter of blankets and throws.

Logo for The Green Moose.

Their goal is to provide patients with the highest grade medical cannabis flowers, concentrates & edibles in their own clinic. The logo represents a stylized moose in combination with a few cannabis leafs. 

Moose, cannabis leaves and the color of logo were inspired by the company name and activity.

Logo for Spiracle Media.

They do video storytelling for companies, universities and professional athletes.

Because the customer already had a logo, my job for this collaboration was to make a secondary logo that has a throwback feel to it for clothing that are given to employees. Compared to the original logo, In this design I come up with adjustments to the bee and to the overall layout, which is now round, excellent proportioned and ready for apparel prints.

Design proposal for Howell Road Cider Co.

Howell Road Cider Co. is a small craft alcoholic cider company located on Howell Rd in St. George Ontario.

They wanted a logo that has a clear style, modern and which can be used for multiple purposes (cider cans, t-shirts and overall branding).

Kinzigstolz is a logo proposal for a restaurant located in the outbuildings of an old flour mill, right to a small river. The logo represents the location of the restaurant sketched in a vectorial software, combined with text and graphic elements related to restaurants industry.

Logo for Energy Producers, Inc. 

Energy Producers, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration and production company which drill and operate in the United States. The client wanted a logo with a masculine, serious and classic feel. Other basic thoughts of the client for the logo were to include onshore drilling rigs, pumping units, etc. 

This was the logo that we have set as final.

Logo proposal for a local and small brewery (craft beer) on the mountain/country side of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. They wanted the logo to resonate with the Nordic God Odin, and to have a classic, mature, literal feel.

Logo proposal for a local Laundromat which provide a clean and professional place for the community to do their laundry chores. I made a design in which are combined a hanger (an element related to laundry), a city and waves/river. The elements stylized in the logo are inspired from the company name and business activity.

Logo made for Bear's Ice Cream.

Ice cream kart selling ice cream in the summer at the park.

They wanted a fun logo which represents a bear holding an ice cream cone, but which is still professional, and with a classic feel. This project went very well because the client came with his own ideas, and it was also open to my proposals.